Ochaedam, Korean buffet restaurant serving amazingly delicious five elements

Rich savor of Korean food made of five elements
Enjoy a variety of healthy and delicious Korean foods
with full of nutrition at a special Korean buffet
restaurant, Ochaedam, where serves delicious
and healthy Korean foods made of fresh ingredients.

- You can enjoy Ochaedam for up to 1 hours 50 mins freely
- Any foods offered by Ochaedam cannot be packed and taken out.
- Ochaedam does not sell alcoholic beverages to underaged customers (full 19 years of age).

- Seasonal menu can be changed.
※ Closing date - Right before or the very day of Korean Thanksgiving Day or Korean New Year's Day

Operating hours(weekday)Lunch time 12:00~15:00
Dinner time 18:00~21:00
Operating hour(weekend)Lunch time
(1Time) 11:30~13:20
(2Time) 13:40~15:30
Dinner time
(1Time) 17:00~18:50
(2Time) 19:10~21:00
Number of seats660㎡ (216 seats)
Location3rd floor of the main building in 355, Jeoryeong-ro, Yeongdo-gu, Busan

Ochaedam offers the very original taste of Korean food.

Inside Ochaedam Room (buffet)
Indoor cabin inside Ochaedam Room
Window seat inside Ochaedam Room
Window seat inside Ochaedam
Window seat inside Ochaedam
Window seat inside Ochaedam
Ochaedam Room1
Ochaedam Room2